Your brand is more than just your logo.

It’s your story.


We don’t just draw logos; we build brands from the ground up. We equip you with all the fonts, colours, icons and other tools you need to have a beautiful website, a strong digital presence and print media that won’t end up in your potential client’s bin. You’ve got a story. Let us help you tell it.

“Connor from DIO media has a unique eye for design. If you’re looking for something that stands out, is original and looks professional – then look no further!”

Dale Volker
Manna Media

“Love working with DIO Media. Connor’s design work looks refreshing and well thought out, and he is professional and deeply considered in his interactions and suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Seb Goldswain
Professional Musician

“Very professional work done. Lovely way with people. Highly recommended.”

Megan Metcalf
Mantis Networks

Meet the Team:

Connor Lumsden
With 8 years of experience in the performing art industry, 3 years working in youth and digital media at a church and 3 years running DIO, I understand the art and business of the digital world. I’m currently studying a bachelor of commerce (majoring in marketing) at Varsity College, who awarded me a Rising Star scholarship. I now combine these skills to make branding simple for clients around the world.

When I’m not building brands, I’m making bonsais and brewing beer. I’m about as chilled as they come and most people mistake me for an introvert!
Rebecca Mattheus
Web Designer
Say hello to Rebecca, our talented web design extraordinaire! With a passion for creativity and a love for learning new things, Rebecca is dedicated to crafting immersive online experiences that captivate and inspire. Proficient in using Wordpress’ native Gutenburg builder, Rebecca brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic flair to her work. In addition to her web design prowess, Rebecca has a passion for photography and works part-time at a local photography company.
Josh Metcalf
Photographer & Videographer
Josh Metcalf is a dynamic addition to our team, bringing his passion for technology and creative flair to the world of photography and videography. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for innovation, Josh crafts captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impact. His photography portfolio includes a diverse array of industries such as surfing, wildlife, street photography, corporate work and events. Beyond his role at DIO Media, Josh also serves as an IT advisor for The Biodiversity Company, leveraging his expertise to enhance their digital presence.

You can see their website, also built by DIO media here.


DIO is short for Diogenes, the minimalist philosopher. He believed that less is more. That is what DIO is about; making media simple for you so that your brand can make the most of the internet, social media, print graphics and whatever else you can stick a logo on.

He was also a little bit wild. He took minimalism as far as living in a barrel and rejected most tenets he considered folly in the society around him. We hope to be even half as bold as him in the way we break rules and push boundaries in branding.

Values (SEA):



We believe in making branding so straightforward that even your grandma will understand it. In a world filled with complexities, we aim to simplify your brand, ensuring it’s easily relatable and memorable for everyone.



Our focus is on branding that not only looks good but also delivers tangible results. We combine exceptional brand design and strategy to create a powerful and effective digital presence that makes an impact that lasts.



While we do make good use of artificial intelligence as a tool, we recognize that our brands are ultimately built by humans, for humans. Accessibility is a fundamental principle in our approach. We ensure that your brand resonates with all audiences, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.



You have a story to tell and a business to build. Together, we’ll design a digital identity to go with it.


DIO brings a camera to the table – along with the skills needed to bring your brand to life through the lens. You can see some of DIO’s photography by clicking here.

Web design

With experience working for both local and international web design clients, DIO will ensure that you have a site that is scalable, powerful and stylish.

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We’re ready to make media simple for you. If you need your story told and your venture launched into the stratosphere, give us a shout!

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