ALOBOI required a brand identity that reflects the electronic music scene while also subtly hinting at the artist’s classical music background. The problem DIO had to solve was holding the tension between the electronic scene which is often gritty with the class of the classical music scene. The result was a visual identity that shines in simplicity and versatility.


The logo needed to be simple, symbolic and quite literal. We opted with one main mark for cases such as merch and favicons coupled with a full wordmark for use cases in which the audience would need to learn the name of the project such as event posters.

Visual Elements

The identity then needed elements such as typography and colours to match. ALOBOI needed something fresh, cutting edge and interesting. With significant research and experimentation, we settled on colours that represent piano keys and a type system that would be worthy of his futuristic sound.
So what has Constant got now?


ALOBOI’s brand identity system is crafted with simplicity, a thoughtfully curated color palette, and a versatile type system, making it incredibly adaptable and capable of unifying the diverse elements that constitute the brand. The logo, with its clean and minimalistic design, serves as a strong visual representation of ALOBOI’s essence. Its simplicity allows for effortless integration across various platforms, ensuring consistent brand recognition. Complemented by a carefully selected color palette, the brand exudes a harmonious and cohesive vibe.

+ style.

This brand identity system serves as a stylish and dynamic tool that seamlessly facilitates the exploration of themes like loneliness, love, and greed. Rather than imposing rigid rules, the system enhances the music’s ability to delve into these subjects with creativity and elegance. The simplicity of the logo and its versatility allow for an understated representation of complex emotions.

This is line with DIO’s value of accessibility. Too often brands are given systems that suffocate creativity instead of aiding it. We wanted to avoid that here.

Enough talking

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