Enviro Zone

A custom-made hiring portal for The Biodiversity Company (whose business site I also branded and built), which allows the user to post jobs that specialists will then respond to. It’s a lot like Fiverr, but for those working in the environmental sciences. It’s functional and stylish.


With deep greens and plenty of photos of nature, the Enviro Zone design language needs to be organic and natural, without being timid. We’ve gone with an approach that achieves that, incorporating a lot of organic elements, especially in terms of photography.

& Technology

At the same time, this hiring portal is a forward thinking project that deserves forward thinking branding. Using modern (but accessible) typefaces, we’ve crafted something that looks fresh and technological.

This reflects the forward thinking functionality we developed for the app. Admins are able to easily post detailed job descriptions with a variety of fields including PDF and KMZ uploads, which was very important for the client.