Mantis Networks

Mantis has been on the forefront of South Africa’s digital innovation for 30 years. This business management software company services more than 400 customers across the country, racking up well over 30 000 application uses.

We gave their website a facelift and worked closely with Mantis to brand align corporate documents for SACE and the Minerals Council of South Africa. These documents are confidential, and so will not be shown here.

Mantis needed something that was still respectable and trustworthy, but just a little bit edgier. It needed to celebrate it’s South African heritage as well.

We decided that a big part of the website would be South African cityscapes. The imagery went from corporate stock images, to beautiful pictures of South African cities including Cape Town, Durban and JHB.

We also knew we needed fresh typography and colours. Drawing inspiration from their existing logos, we created a full visual identity for the site with a brighter red, more modern typography and cheekier copy. For example, instead of saying, “World class customer support”, we said, “We won’t just sell you our software and leave. We will help you install it and be by your side while you learn it.” Cold, corporate jargon has no place here.